Angst from crowdsourced marketing

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post.  In-between work and screenings (and just plain laziness), I haven’t had a chance to put my thoughts together.  So, I’m now pulling my finger out of my ass and doing something about it. On the way home from work this week, I spotted a promo poster for Jon Favreau’s new film Chef. I have … Continue reading Angst from crowdsourced marketing

The Cinematic Education of our Youth

Be warned….this is going to get ranty.  So I apologise in advance. Kids nowadays have it easy.  I remember the days in school when passed-on notes were the best means of communication, penpals sent handwritten letters and if you wanted to watch a film before it came on TV, you need to wait a good year to rent the video.  Now, everything is done through … Continue reading The Cinematic Education of our Youth