Looking Back: ‘Scanners’ – more than exploding heads

In the early stages of Cronenberg’s career, he established himself as a prolific director of horror films by splicing his features with science fiction elements.  His efforts in creating a new sub-genre went unnoticed until his seventh film, Scanners. At the time of its release, Scanners did not receive a lot of critical acclaim, but became successful enough for Cronenberg to break into Hollywood.  For film fans, its … Continue reading Looking Back: ‘Scanners’ – more than exploding heads

Robot & Frank – 4/5 stars

In the not-too distant future, Robot & Frank sees retired cat burglar Frank (Frank Langella) become the reluctant owner/companion of a sophisticated robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard), who is programmed to take care of him when his grown-up children are unable to afford the time or effort. Initially resistant to the healthy lifestyle the Robot introduces to his daily routine, Frank starts to bond with it as … Continue reading Robot & Frank – 4/5 stars