Broken City – 2.5/5 stars

Political corruption seems to belong nowadays on television.  Whether it is in crime dramas or cop series, there seems to be no end of avenues to exploit the darker side of politics.  Now, it is the basis of a revenge crime thriller starring Mark Whalberg and a smarmy Russell Crowe. Broken City is set in New York, where NYPD detective-turned-private detective Billy Taggart (Whalberg) is hired … Continue reading Broken City – 2.5/5 stars

Zero Dark Thirty – 5/5 stars

Even after ten years, it is almost hard to think about 9/11 without thinking of the emotions going through your head when you hear and see archive footage.  It is a historic event for all the wrong reasons and to have the biggest manhunt in modern history brought onto the big screen needs guts and faith, in both the director and screenwriter. Zero Dark Thirty is … Continue reading Zero Dark Thirty – 5/5 stars