Men in Black 3 – 2/5 stars

Threequels are a tricky business. Many have been released and not many of them have cut the mustard.   Nothing is fresh anymore – the plot, characters, even the jokes seem stale.   If anything, they are like the Recycle Bin of films; past films and any bad jokes edited out from the initial releases are in there and they form the basis of the threequel. … Continue reading Men in Black 3 – 2/5 stars

Dark Shadows – 2/5 stars

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton started off as a classic cinematic partnership. Like Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino, and Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe – they seem to stick together, no matter how….unappealing the project seems to be. After the lacklustre Alice in Wonderland, you should wish that the two would take a more original concept for their new feature. Unfortunately, they took the premise … Continue reading Dark Shadows – 2/5 stars