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Film Review – Promising Young Woman (2020) – 4/5

It’s an understatement to say that British actress Emerald Fennell is on a roll. Previously appearing in classical dramas and supporting feature film roles, she currently has an integral role as Camilla Shand in the latest season of The Crown. She is also making an impact behind the camera. Starring Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham, Promising Young Woman follows Cassie (Mulligan), a former medical student … Continue reading Film Review – Promising Young Woman (2020) – 4/5

Celebrating Women in Film: 2015

It has been a while since I posted on here.  I could blame it on hectic schedules but it is also due to somewhat stunted creativity.  But, partially inspired by the recent London Film Festival, I want to (quickly) write about this year in film.  More specifically, the year what women ruled in cinema. Warning: this might be a bit messy.       In … Continue reading Celebrating Women in Film: 2015

Shame – 4.5/5 stars

For the last couple of years, Michael Fassbender has been cinema’s golden boy.  Since his appearance in 2008’s Irish drama Hunger, he has appeared in everything from indie dramas to summer blockbusters.  Shame is his bravest, most provocative outing yet and a central performance that will not be easily forgotten. Shame follows New York businessman Brandon (Fassbender), whose life revolves (quite bluntly) around sex.  Doing it, … Continue reading Shame – 4.5/5 stars