Cool Stuff for Working at Home (or On-the-Go)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, so apologies for not posting here more regularly.

During the pandemic, I’ve been improving my home office and looking into things than can help productivity while being inexpensive. I’ve posted a couple of pics of these items on Film Twitter and had some comments about these so I thought I’d put together a small post of where to get them.

Most items are suitable for working from home but others can be used when covering for festivals at home or abroad.

Disclaimer: All links are affiliate links, so I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

A plug tower:

This is a great alternative to extension lead strips as this can sit on your desk, making it easy to switch it on/off (the power buttons are the top).

I use the version on the right, which features USB slots for charging devices. These also have their own on/off button so you don’t have to have them on while using the plugs.

There are other versions that also have a wireless charging pad for smartphones.

A decent notebook:

I admit, every writer has their own way of taking down notes for a review but a decent notebook is a staple. For years, I was a huge fan of Moleskine’s Film Journal – it was so pretty with an embossed cover and alphabetised sections…although it was tricky when certain letters filled up quicker than others!

It was unfortunately discontinued but now a new version is available that is great for both TV and film writers! Not only are the note sections bigger but the alphabetised sections have been removed so no space is wasted!

Optional: I also invested in an elastic pen holder that goes over the front cover, so you will never (in theory) lose a pen/pencil again!

Portable power banks

I have so many of small power banks, it’s unreal. I always have one in my bag – work or out and about – as you never know when you need a charge. Although most come with its own charging cable, a separate charge cable is super-handy – I’ve recommended one below.

I also splashed out and bought a super-power bank (pictured on right), which not only has a USB-C charge point but an actual plug socket so you can charge laptops. This is used by photographers in the field but this is great for in-between writing sessions during film festivals, so you are not competing with others for a socket.

A fast-charging cable

I use this set of cables (on right) as it not only has two Lightning connector (for Apple devices) but also one USB and one USB-C head, so you can charge up to four items at one time.

For those who don’t like messing with loads of loose cables, here is a retractable version.

Bluetooth keyboard/mouse/headset

While using computer stands, certain laptops can be painful to use as (I find) my wrists begin to hurt after working long hours at an angle. To avoid this, I use a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse.

This mouse has a separate Bluetooth connector (if needed) and comes in various colours (including rose gold!) and this keyboard is backlit in pretty rainbow colours, so it helps with typing at night or dark spaces.

Rounding this off is a set of wireless headphones, so there are no wires while working 🙂

A clip-on laptop light

I got this as a space-saving alternative to a table lamp and it focuses all the light on the laptop screen.

It is USB-powered, so you can plug this into the laptop and alter the warmth and brightness of the lighting.

Laptop rack and stand

I have a couple of stands – I started using this one, as it is foldable and (subsequently) portable. But when my wrists start to hurt (see Bluetooth section), I transferred to the stand pictured above left. It’s fiddly as hell (you have to press buttons and set at certain angles) but can work as a standing desk (that also allows Lily the kitten to sleep underneath!).

The laptop rack (right) is a bit of a luxury, but it’s a nice way to store laptops and tablets if you use different devices for work.

Thanks for reading.

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