Reaction on Bond 24…sorry, SPECTRE

I’m a huge Bond fan.  I was brought up on a couple of film franchises since I was a kid (the other being Police Academy) but Bond has lasted through the years, thanks to countless repeats during Easter and the odd Bank Holiday.


When Sky ‘took’ over the Bond films, stopping their broadcast on terrestrial TV, there was a loss in scheduling and channel-flicking procedures so now, it’s no longer an anticipation of seeing when they come back on TV – it is now when they are coming back on the big screen.

Daniel Craig is a notable factor.  I have to admit that I was against his initial casting in Casino Royale as I didn’t see Bond as blond.  But his amazing performance (he ran through a wall, for Christ’s sake!) quickly changed my mind.  And he hasn’t proved me wrong since.

Aston-Martin-DB10Today’s announcement regarding the new Bond film, SPECTRE, got me excited like a typical fan girl.  With each piece of news unveiled, anticipation grew inside.  Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig back? Tick. Christoph Waltz and Sherlock’s Andrew Scott? Tick.  Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux? Tick. And an Aston Martin DB10? Tick, tick, tick!

The title instantly caught my attention.  Amid the rumours of Waltz playing villain Blofield, head of SPECTRE, it brought up the idea of the whole ‘origin’ theme coming back full-circle.  However, him being announced as Hans Oberhauser, Bond’s former ski instructor/father figure puts that idea in another light and is already fuelling rumours online.

Opinions are polarised about Andrew Scott being a Bond villain but I think this will give him a great opportunity to get out of the Sherlock limelight.  After his performance in this year’s Brit hit Pride, I think this role will do for him what Star Trek into Darkness did for Cumberbatch.

_79509388_spectre1_reutersThat being said, it is quite strange that practically all the cast are relatively well-known.  Waltz is a two-time Academy Award winner, Bellucci has made a name in both mainstream and independent cinema and Seydoux has been in increasing demand since Blue is the Warmest Colour, with appearances from Inglorious Basterds (alongside Waltz), The Grand Budapest Hotel and Mission Impossible 4 in her filmography.

The last couple of films feature at least one lesser-known actor/actress in a supporting role but with this one, everyone is already on the radar. Even Dave Bautista, who made an impression in Guardians of the Galaxy, arguably one of this year’s most popular films.

But, overall, SPECTRE is already building up anticipation and shaping up to be one of the big films of 2015.

Roll on 23 October.

Thanks for reading.

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