Girls like other colours, you know!

Well, I don’t know if this is offensive or quite brilliant.

Was reading up an article on ‘Girly Gadgets‘ on and noticed some quite cool things – a pink Garmin (uh-huh), a Hello Kitty mobile phone (okay…), sparkly things…hmm.  This seems to be a regular pattern, which is fast-becoming tiresome.  As soon as it is pink, have hearts on it or can be deemed cute, it is a shortcut to a girl’s heart…and her purse.
Right?  Urgh, not really.



Don’t really have need for a keyboard in baby pink, even if it has labels on the keys – that’s just insulting.

I remember when the DS came out – in pink – with Nintendogs, a computer game that girls can actually be seen playing.  I mean, what girl doesn’t like the idea of a pooch in her bag?  I will readily admit to having played Nintendogs and got quite emotionally attached to a pixelated Labrador – what really seems to get to me is that it is okay for girls to play games like Nintendogs but not be really good at role-playing computer games like Zelda, classics like Tetris (the only game I’ve ever beaten my brothers on) and even racing games like Mario Kart.  Where’s the pink controller for that then?!

It is quite annoying when you want to find something girly for your gadget that isn’t pink, Japanese cats or covered in fake diamonds.  Anyone who can find a decent, reasonably-priced but cool gadgets that have a girly edge that is pretty (though not in pink, especially baby pink – hot pink is fine) – please send me a link! 🙂


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