Oscars nominations 2012: Personal reaction

Right, let’s get this ball rolling.
First of all, hurrah for the The Artist succeeding in getting so many nominations.  It’s been reaping the awards since the season started so this silent film will not go down quietly (geddit? 🙂) in the fight for Best Picture.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has done remarkably well, considering it’s been on general release in just over a month.

The exclusion of critics’ choices Drive and Shame has been widely criticised, as they have been thought of as firm favourites as for Best Actor, Director, Film and Adapted Screenplay (Drive) and Original Screenplay (Shame) nominees.







I can understand to a certain extent why Ryan Gosling was not included (he hasn’t been nominated for his role in any of the major award ceremonies, so there’s no trend or pattern) but no Fassbender? Robbed!  Y’know what, the Academy doesn’t really counts British actors/actresses in the majority of Best Acting nods. And if they were, I’ll recount the 80th Academy Awards – five nominees for Best Actress; four British, one American.  And who won?  The US nominee (Helen Hunt for As Good as it Gets, fact fans).
But another hurrah for Gary Oldman – he has finally been nominated for an Academy Award!!!  Next stop, Kevin Bacon….;)

Anyway, moving on (‘cos, let’s face it, I could be here all night)…
No Kirsten Dunst for Melancholia? Right.  After the rave reviews for her performance, it’s a bit of a surprise.  But then again, it is possible that Lars Von Trier’s outburst during Cannes may have tainted the film a little more than previously thought.  Although, yee-haw for The Help and Bridesmaids being featured in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories.

Melissa McCarthy was hilarious in Bridesmaids and The Help is one of my favourite films of 2011, so fingers crossed they do well.

Alright, time to let off some steam – Hugo seems to be 2012’s version of Return of the King: it has been nominated in practically every category besides the acting categories.  Martin Scorcese’s feature doesn’t really shine as brightly as the other films in the Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Director  (if I’m being really honest, it absolutely sucks) so if it wins anything besides these three categories, I don’t really care.

Oh, you think you’re so flash….

This is what I think of you Hugo.

It’s weird not seeing a Pixar film in Best Animated Feature.  Then again, can you really see Cars 2 compete the fabulous Puss in Boots and delightful Rango?  No, I can’t either.  Although seeing Chico & Rita in the category deserves a high-five – genius.
Man or Muppet? from The Muppets for Best Original Song?  That’s another high-five.  Its only fellow nominee Rio winning will cause uproar.

The Academy Awards 2012 nominations are a bit too safe but when it comes to this kind of thing, there will always be some controversy as to who and what gets nominated.  So, I’ll just finish this with my final words:

Bring on the sweepstake!

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