Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol – 3/5 stars

After JJ Abram’s credible outing in the M:I series, it is easy to imagine that another sequel would be on the cards.

Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol follows Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt as he is essentially framed for blowing up the Kremlin and has to clear his name, find the culprit, try and stop nuclear war between the US and Russia with no backup from IMF besides a small team consisting of Paula Patton, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner. So, no pressure.

M:I-GP is very good for a director who is used to animated features. Brad Bird does an amazing job of envisioning a decent action picture – the scenes in Dubai are incredibly shot and made for a huge screen like the IMAX – and the general pace is as consistent as Tom Cruise’s running capabilities. Cruise looks like he is making the most of his latest role, with him performing more impressive stunts than the previous films – him climbing up Dubai’s tallest building gives a sense of vertigo – so fair credit to him on partaking in some of the best action scenes in recent years.

The supporting cast adopts a lighter approach, getting all the giggles and smirks in the film. Jeremy Renner’s curious agent Brandt looks out of place at first glance, only for him to be equally as entertaining as Cruise in the second half of the film. Pegg’s character, Benji, whose goofy enthusiasm to be a field agent is to be expected but still enjoyable with Paula Patton not afraid to kick some serious ass yet work an incredibly sexy dress. The Millennium Series’ Michael Nyqvist is a curious villain. Quiet and understated; he doesn’t monologue about how he’s going to do this and that, making his character is credible and cannot be faulted.

As far as decent popcorn movies go, M:I-GP is a nice entry for 2012 – entertaining and thrilling. Watch it at the IMAX and don’t feel dizzy.

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