Things I’m looking forward to in 2012…

The Avengers
Probably one of the best ensemble casts, like, ever.All (besides new addition Mark Ruffalo) have made their mark in the Marvel multiverse and if their own films had sucked, this would not have been possible.  DC Comics – take note and don’t make Green Lantern 2.  That ship has sailed; you’re not on it.

The Muppets
Responsible for the best Orange phone ad since Dresden & co. flew the coop.  I wouldn’t be surprised if more adults than kids watch this film; after ten years away, let them show Alvin and the Chipmunks how to do a proper kids’ film.

The Dark Knight Rises
The final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s amazing Batman trilogy.  After Heath Ledger left an everlasting mark on the film series and the whole film shrouded in mystery (besides the genius casting of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway), let’s see if Nolan can make it a third strike and achieve what no-one else has done before him – a series of critically acclaimed and financially successful superhero films.

The Hobbit
This was always on the cards.  Even if LOTR wasn’t made, chances are that Peter Jackson would have told studios heads to go fuck themselves and made this – that would have been the biggest ‘I told you so’ in film history.  With its predominately British cast and its return to the trilogy’s Kiwi roots, fingers crossed that its initial beginnings in development hell pays off.

The Amazing Spiderman
This is a dubious choice.  The Sam Raimi series started off well but by the third film came (which should have been epic – how can you go wrong with Venom?!), I’m in two minds about the 2012 reboot.  However, you have two promising young stars in the lead role and love interest so it may not totally suck.

A welcome addition to the Pixar filmography, after the unnecessary sequel Cars 2 (Cars is not even up there with the better Pixar films – were they trying to proving a point?).  I’m curious about it as it isn’t as ‘fantastical’ to animated toys, wardrobe monsters or self-aware robots but with a woman in the director’s chair and as the film’s protagonist, there is faith in Pixar.

The Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
More specifically – the end credits.  Self-explanatory, I think (in case you don’t get it, it will close the whole franchise and no longer would we have to see bad publicity and fawned, lovestruck posters  designed for hormonal teenage girls and their Team Edward/Jacob shirts).

Another prequel to follow a franchise whose popularity has dwindled progressively.  Following the unsure Alien: Resurrection, we thought that the Alien would only live on ill-conceived Alien vs Predator films.  Ridley Scott, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender have now come to save the day to make 2012’s prequel to watch.

Scheduled for a Christmas 2012 release, I’m a big fan of Mr QT.  After ninjas, Nazis and failed diamond heists, his new ‘thing’ is to dominate the cinematic Western. Let’s see if Django can contend with the credibility that Inglorious Basterds gained upon its release.
(BTW, is it weird to associate this with Johnny Depp? Whenever I think of this, I keep thinking of lizards….)

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