Blue Valentine (DVD) – 3/5

When it comes to romance, not many people are brave enough to keep it real.

It’s all about OTT gestures, corny dialogue and the moment when the boy and girl realise they are meant to be together.

Blue Valentine serves as a reality check for all romantics out there, as well as the top film for cynics.  The film follows the would-be tale of moving man Ryan Gosling and wannabe doctor Michelle Williams and their road from sweet coupledom to a marriage heading for disaster.

The film is certainly more relatable to other recent romantic films, the majority fall in the rom-com slot making the whole genre somewhat jaded.

The trials and tribulations of the pair – who bring emotion and credibility in their characters’ heartache – remind people of the real world; it’s not all roses and sentiment.  There are practicalities and people can fall out of love just as quickly as falling in love.  Kudos to director and writer Derek Cianfrance, whose background consists of television documentary work tells the story between the couple with insight and curiosity.

Blue Valentine brings an air of heartbreak so you can see what will happen a mile away, but its intwining of flashbacks is bittersweet and doesn’t lessen the sadness of the two leads.


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