In Time review 1.5/5 stars

Mr Timberlake has already proven to the world he can act. From a career-defining turn in The Social Network to audience-friendly roles in Friends with Benefits and Bad Teacher, he is now showing us that he can pull off action.
In Time is set is a future where time has replaced money as key currency. The more time you have, the longer you live. Simple as.
When Justin’s character Will is given almost a century, he decides to act like a future Robin Hood and rob the rich (the forever young) to feed the poor (the ones who run to save time).
This is a simple concept, but the idea of Will and rich socialite Sylvia, his hostage turned accomplice, acting like Bonnie and Clyde doesn’t really save the poor implementation from established sci-fi director Andrew Niccol.
The pace of the film keeps at a steady pace so you end up feeling quite unfulfilled and unsatisfied with the limp action scenes and unsteady tension between our futuristic Robin Hood and the frozen face of In Time‘s Sheriff of Nottingham, Cillian Murphy.
All in all, what In Time lacked time to get the key ingredients – as well as practically everything else that could have made it great.

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