It’s weird when…

your boyfriend is more scared of something when you are.
Case in question: spiders.
I bloody hate them. They are irritating, scurry around and they have too many legs.
One particular incident is burned into my memory.

One night, I was in the bathroom only to see something move in the corner of my eye.
There it was – a spider in the sink.
I’m not talking about one that you could probably crush with your fingertip.
This one could fit into a palm.

So, like a conventional girl – I screamed.
I tried to flush it away with cold water and when it disappeared only for it to climb back up out the plug hole, I screamed louder.

This alerted my boyfriend who like a big man, told me to step aside and he’ll take care of it.
His response? ‘Holy shit!’ and ran out.
When I asked him to get rid of it, he said that he was not going anywhere near that fucker.
I had to man up and get rid of it myself.

We couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours afterwards.


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